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Truss Inspection

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What’s the Difference?

Are cut trusses an issue during a home inspection? Trusses are part of a roofing structure system. Trusses provide roof structure similar to rafters, however, they are different than the average homeowner might think.

Rafters are usually cut and built on scene by a contractor. They provide more attic space than trusses. Rafters can allow the possibility for some homeowners to vault a ceiling or even convert an attic to more livable space.

Trusses are normally designed by an engineer and are built off site. They can be cheaper to manufacture and install. The structural members are often smaller wood sizes then rafters (the typical truss is often a two by four). Trusses do not normally provide a lot of space in the attic and it is not advisable to store a large quantity of items in the attic of a truss roofing system. One of the easiest identifiers of a truss system is a gusset plate. A gusset plate is a thin metal plate that connects members of a truss system.

Item Circled is a Gusset Plate

Modifications to Truss Systems

During a recent inspection, I observed a cut truss in the attic. The homeowner cut the truss to add space in the attic for pull down stairs. Some homeowners believe that trusses can be cut or modified, therefore, they typically cut trusses to install attic pull down stairs, attic fans and other roof venting systems.

Here is a picture of a cut truss that I observed on a recent home inspection

Cut Truss

Repairing Cut Trusses

Cut trusses are a major issue during a home inspection! Because a cut truss is a major issue during a home inspection, a structural engineer should be contacted for further evaluation. A cut truss can effect the structural integrity of the roofing system and the engineer can design a proper repair.

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