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Lead Paint Dust Sampling

Lead Paint Dust Sampling

If you think Lead paint in rentals is not a concern, THINK AGAIN!   NJ’s NEWEST lead-based paint law goes into effect in July of 2022 and directly targets ALL pre-1978 rental properties.   This new law is being referred to as, New Jersey’s Lead Safe Certification and will require lead-paint inspections on all nonexempt rental property at turnover.

Lead is a highly toxic metal that is easily absorbed into the body.  Lead causes a variety of health issues, especially in young children.  According to the EPA over one million children are affected by lead paint poisoning.  A small amount of lead paint dust can easily be absorbed on a finger, inhaled, or ingested. Lead paint dust causes irreversible health damage to children and adults.


Lead Safe Certification

  1. Visual Inspection of the exterior and interior of the residence for paint defects
  2. Lead Paint Dust Sampling in every bedroom and one common area of the residence. Samples sent to a certified laboratory for analysis.
  3. Upon passing the visual inspection and lead paint dust sampling analysis a certification is issued.
  4. If landlord fails inspection, they have 30 days to become compliant or face fines of $1,000 per week until the required inspection has been conducted and remediation efforts have been completed.

Fidelity Home Inspections in an EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm

What does this Lead Safe Certification law require of a property owner?

  • Long Term rental in a residence built prior to 1978
  • “Long Term” is defined as six months or more
  • Requires a Lead Safe Certification within two years of the law’s enactment July 2022
  • or upon renter turnover
  • If a renter stays in the rental residence for an extended period, Lead Safe Certification is required every two years.
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