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Pool Leak Detection

How To Tell If You Have a Pool Leak

Is your water bill increasing?  Is your pool losing water? Some signs of a pool leak are:

  • Air in the System
  • Prime Loss in the Pump
  • Cracks in the Pool or Surrounding Deck
  • A Sinking or Lifting of the Deck
  • A Wet or Soggy area around the perimeter of the pool
  • More Chemical Usage then Normal 

A leak can be in the pool shell or in the underground pool plumbing lines.  We have the specialized equipment to non invasively detect the pool leak without digging up your backyard.  We have hydrophones to listen to the drains, skimmers, returns, lights, vacuum ports and fittings.  We have specialized equipment to scan a vinyl  pool liner.   There is no need to drain your pool, our highly sensitive equipment will find the leak. If you have any questions or would like to schedule with us today, please send us an email today!

We Are Certified in Leak Detections

Pool Leak Certification

DIY Method to Determine Leak- Bucket Test

  • Ensure pool is filled to middle of the skimmer box
  • Fill a bucket with water a few inches from the top
  • Place the bucket on the pool steps and mark the inside of the line with a maker or grease pencil
  • Mark the outside pool water level with a marker or grease pencil
  • Keep the pump off and do not use the pool for 24 hours
  • After twenty four hours measure the water loss on the outside of the bucket and inside of the bucket
  • If the inside of the bucket lost more water then outside of the bucket there may be a leak
  • This test can be repeated with the pool pump running for twenty four hours. 

Learn More About The Main Tool We Use: The Pool Scope

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