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Pool Inspection

About Our Pool Inspections

Pools and Spas provide endless hours of family quality time. Pools and Spas are a great way to stay cool in the summer.  Pools and spas can pose health and safety risks if they are not properly maintained.  Pool components can fail and go unnoticed which may have unexpected repair bills after moving into a new home. 

Fidelity Home Inspections conducts Pool and Spa inspections in accordance with the Internachi Standards of Practice. This is a non invasive visual inspection of pool components, water, safety barriers, lights, plumbing, filters, valves, heating systems, pumps, motors, electrical and filtration systems. 

Fidelity Home Inspections has the latest technology to determine if the pool that you are purchasing may be leaking.  We have hydrophones, specialized underwater microphones that can detect water leaking from the pool skimmers, returns, lights, vacuum ports and drains. Fidelity Home Inspections uses the state of the art technology to scan a vinyl pool liner.  

Pool Inspection

We Are Certified Pool Inspectors

After the Pool Inspection

After the Inspection

Included with your home inspection report, you will be provided a pool and spa inspection report that lists the pool components and any safety concerns, or items that need repair/replacement or further evaluation.  We strive to ensure that your pool is safe for your family’s enjoyment. 

Summertime seems to fly by in New Jersey. Every new potential new home owner purchasing a home with a pool is dreaming of hanging out in their backyard pool oasis after closing.  Don’t let this dream turn into a nightmare!! Let Fidelity Home Inspections inspect your pool before you close!!!  Fidelity Home Inspections will give you peace of mind so you can enjoy your pool with your family and friends!!!!


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